Kinds of Bets: A Beginner’s Guide

Predicting a simple bet is quite easy: for example, the victory of Lyon – Ajaccio at home. You bet on “one match” and “one result”. This is called a simple bet, ideal for beginner bettors who, through this, will already learn to place a sports bet on the site of an online bookmaker, but also to handle the withdrawal methods of gains and deposits.

On the other hand, when you wish to bet on several matches in only 1 bet, it begins seriously to become complicated if you do not know the terms used on the sites of Paris sports (See our lexicon of Paris online). And what’s more, you risk losing everything if it’s too confusing.

We suggest you refine your knowledge of multiple bets, but be careful, you must be a bettor who wants to take risks and armed with a minimum of knowledge. This type of sports bets are not “cushy” investments, but risky. To know more, consult สมัครgdwbet.

Multiple Bets:

When you start betting online and you want to bet on multiple “one-bet” games, you have the option to bet with “multiple bets” at the bookmakers.

The main advantage of a multiple bet is that it allows you to make a profit, even if you make one or more errors in your selection of matches.

There are simple multiples (doubles, triples), but beware, some multiple bets have names difficult to understand, which means that we do not always know what is behind.

However, do not panic, we will try to define each name of bets and give you some tips to choose the good multiple bet.

All single multiple bets:

The Bet in Double Mode:

Doubles are multiple bets where you win 2 good results. Thus, when you make doubles on 4 matches, you play 6 bets: there are 6 doubles with 4 matches. You generate 1 double winner for 2 good results, 3 double winners for 3 good results and 6 for a “perfect”.

The X-uple Bet or Accumulator:

A “4-uple out of 5 matches” corresponds to a 4 out of 5, a “4-uple out of 6 matches” corresponds to a 4 out of 6. A bet “X-uple” is a winner if you have at least X predictions just. An Accumulator X flaps corresponds to an X-uple bet.

If you make a 5-game accumulator over 5 games, you have no right to the error. Be careful, generating a gain from 2 good results does not necessarily mean generating a profit. It can happen to recover a gain lower than your stake, your bet.

The Trixie Bet:

A Trixie bet is 4 bets on 3 selections in different events. The bet includes 3 doubles and 1 triple, so at least 2 out of 3 selections must be winning to generate a win.

And the same goes for other combinations. If your bets are correct, you win the 4 bets (the 3 doubles and the triple) and there you make very big profits according to the odds.

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